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Confirmations and Coronation Connections

Bishop Saju presided at a confirmation service at St Peter’s, Higham on the Hill on the Sunday of the Coronation Weekend.

Bishop of Loughborough Welcomes New King with Prayer

Bishop Saju prays for the King on the eve of his coronation

Stories of faith from Easter Baptisms and Confirmations

This Easter Sunday saw our Bishops out in the diocese for services and sharing the message of transforming hope for the suffering from families hit by the cost of living, to the challenges for farmers and asylum seekers in our county

'Everyday Calling' in the diocese

Glimpses of glory were shared at our annual vocations day

A Christmas message from Bishop Martyn and Bishop Saju

The Bishops share their Christmas message for 2022

Global Carol Service 2022

Yesterday (11 December) over 170 people gathered for the diocesan Global Carol Service, held at the Church of the Martyrs. Christians from around the world and from across traditions gathered to celebrate the way in which our shared stories connect with the story of the birth of Christ. 

Bishop Saju receives, baptises and confirms Christians across the diocese

Bishop Saju travelled the diocese on Sunday as he received, baptised, and confirmed candidates from a number of churches and the cathedral.

Bishop Saju visits Avanti Fields School

Bishop Saju recently visited Avanti Fields secondary school in Hamilton for a question and answer session with year ten students, as part of their study of Christianity.

Communities Unite in Remembrance

All around the diocese, churches, clergy and ministers have been leading services and involved in civic and community events to mark Remembrance Sunday

Newly Licensed Associate Ministers

A service to license several lay Associate Ministers, and to celebrate ‘everyday gifts’ and the ministry of all God’s people in the Diocese of Leicester, was held yesterday at St Catherine’s Church in Burbage.

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