Our Strategic Priorities

The Diocese of Leicester has five strategic priorities, identified and approved by the Bishops’ Council in 2020, to which we give particular attention as we pursue the Kingdom of God.

These priorities help us to focus on where to put our energy and resources, giving a framework for how, in our parishes, we seek to live out our everyday faith, grow new disciples, deepen our discipleship, and act in loving service of the world.  
You can find a description of each of the strategic priorities below: 
Intercultural Communities are communities in which members have a deep understanding and respect for all cultures, everyone – whatever their background – learns from one another and grows together. Our Intercultural Worshipping Communities have a particular focus on supporting the flourishing of worshippers and leaders of Global Majority Heritage, and are one of the ways in which we seek to fulfil the Church of England’s vision to be a ‘more diverse’ church. 

Intergenerational Communities are where two or more generations are intentionally brought together to learn from, serve, and worship with one another. To better reach and support young people in our communities, we have a Growing Faith strategy, which looks at how we can bring church, school and home together to build and enrich the faith of children and young people. 
New Communities are ways of gathering as the people of God – whether revitalisations, fresh expressions, plants or grafts - that enable us to reach more of the 93% of Britons who don’t go to church. 
Reconciling Communities are places where people share the love of God across difference, and experience the restoration of relationships with others, with themselves, with creation, and with God. In a polarised world, we want to be known as people who live, love and disagree well together. 
Eco Communities take seriously our calling to be good stewards of the natural world, especially in light of climate crisis. 

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