Diocesan accounts

Use this page to download the Annual Report & Accounts for the Diocese of Leicester. The Charity Commission requires that these reports are submitted every year.

Those with financial responsibilities in parishes may like to see these accounts, as they provide an insight into the financial health of the diocese as a whole.  

The reports are produced by the Leicester Diocesan Board of Finance.

LDBF 2020 Accounts

LDBF 2019 Accounts

LDBF 2018 Accounts

LDBF 2017 Accounts

LDBF 2016 Accounts

LDBF 2015 Accounts

LDBF 2014 Accounts

LDBF 2013 Accounts

LDBF 2012 Accounts

LDBF 2011 Accounts

LDBF 2010 Accounts

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