Women’s Ministry Group

The Diocesan Women’s Ministry Group exists to help the diocese realise its vision for all women to be freely able to explore their sense of calling at whatever level and in whatever context, and to be able to carry out their ministry – authorised, licensed, ordained, or lay – in a healthy, safe and supportive environment.

The Women’s Ministry Group will accompany, champion, and equip women’s ministry in the diocese. This includes:

  • Giving women a safe space to share their concerns and experiences of ministry.
  • Using data and insights to ensure the challenges faced by women are heard by the diocese and its leadership, and advocating for change wherever necessary.
  • Equipping women in ministry with talks and discussions so they can be more confident of their vocation and mission.

To find out more about why the group has been set up and how it will operate, you can read the group's Terms of Reference here.

The Women’s Ministry Group is made up of six lay and ordained women and is chaired by Sue Frost:

Alison Iliffe

I was a Reader in Kibworth during which time I was part of a 24/7 Prayer Room out of which the vision and reality of ‘The Well’ came about. Ordained in 2015 I served my Curacy in the Avon-Swift Group moving on to be a Team Vicar in the Parish of the Transfiguration (Churches of St Nicholas and St Hugh), Market Harborough. I love being a parish priest with a focus on pastoral ministry built on relationships and the Holy Chaos we often find ourselves in as we ask questions about where God is at work in our context and join in. I am hugely thankful for Leicester Anglican Cursillo and many friends and colleagues, who along with my family have supported me in the ups and downs of seeking to live a faithful life.

Being part of the Women’s Ministry Group for me is an important part of living a faithful life in the whole people of God. Together we can encourage a place where all can thrive in the ministry we are called to.

Crystal McAllister

I am an Ordained Pioneer Minister licensed to Framland Deanery in my fourth year out of five in curacy. Before ordination, I was a licensed pioneer with a focus on bus ministry for young people, as well as a background as a youth worker and children's ministry; my last post was at Passion Youth Project in Shepshed. I am ardent about giving hope, sharing the gospel with the lost, the marginalised and the poor in ways that are relevant to them - often found in the edgelands of our communities, with a call to be light and salt, listening, seeing, sharing stories and building communities of faith. I am also an Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands and a trustee of a UK charity which supports street children and their families in the Philippines. My favourite place is sitting with people where they are at, kerbside or cafe, pondering what God's call might be on their lives.

I want to help women feel confident and empowered to succeed and flourish in the ministry that God has called them to. I know how difficult it has been for me, and so to be able to be part of a group that recognises the importance of creating a space for this to happen will be transformative for the whole of God’s Church and the Kingdom.

Jill Matthews

I am a member of the Local Ministry Team at All Saints Church in the benefice of Sapcote and Sharnford with Wigston Parva. I am also a Pastoral Assistant and I co-ordinate the Healing and Prayer Ministry team. I have always felt drawn to walk alongside others when they are feeling overwhelmed by a situation. In my retirement from teaching, I am finding plenty to do e.g. Little Saints (Adult and Toddler group), Messy Saints as well as my role as Churchwarden. In all areas, I try to be a good listener and an encourager.

Pauline Cummins

I was born in London to Jamaican parents who settled in the UK during the 1950s. I trained at The Royal London School of Nursing during the late 1970s and later became a Diabetic Nurse Specialist working with general practices in Leicester and Loughborough. I was previously a Licensed Reader in 2016 and I am now an ordained self-supporting priest, leading the parish of Broughton Astley Croft and Stoney Stanton. I am a member of the Bishop’s Council, Board of Patronage and Joint Archdeacon Ministry Council as well as Diocesan Synod.

I am married to John and have three sons and two chihuahuas, Treacle and Elvis. In my spare time, I buy and sell collectables and antiques. I have a passion for social justice and human rights whilst being inspired by those who give inspiration and guidance to others, I have a special interest in encouraging others to grow in their faith and relationship with God. My nursing background enables me to be intentionally supportive and encouraging all who are discerning their vocation and God’s call.

Sue Frost

I am an ordained Priest with P.T.O. who serves as part of the ministry team at the Sheepy Benefice, where my focus is on preaching, leading services, being Chair of the PCC, and funeral ministry. I also support several other churches in the diocese when needed. I believe that part of my calling is to walk alongside others, both inside and outside of the Church, as they travel on their journey of faith. It is my passion to see others thrive and grow to be the person that God has called them to be.

As chair of the new Diocesan Women's Ministry Group, I am looking forward to working with the rest of the group and women across the diocese to help women feel heard and supported to flourish in whatever role they feel called to. Sue can be contacted by email: sue.m.frost@outlook.com.

Florence Gildea

I am the Bishops' Social Policy and Communications Advisor, supporting Bishop Martyn with his work in the House of Lords and leading the Diocese's Communications team. I will be supporting the Diocesan Women's Ministry Group with research and communications work so we can better understand the experience of women in ministry in the diocese and support them to flourish further.

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