Growing Generous Church

Growing Generous Church is a resource designed to help churches reflect on and develop a culture of generosity in the broadest sense, and also in the practice of giving, particularly financial giving. It is structured around 5 key areas relating to generosity and provides questions to prompt reflection and discussion, ideas and suggestions for growing generosity in each area. Each key area enables a church to identify aspects of local culture, or “how we do things here” and practical ideas for growth and development. If you want to find out more about using the resource in your church please contact the Generous Giving Team.

Download a copy of the Growing Generous Church Booklet here.

Below is a list of ideas that can help your church explore, develop and grow each of the areas:

Rooted in discipleship

Enabling all to give

Giving Renewal - How to Guide

We've put together some resources for your community to encouring giving from those in your local area...

Engaging and valuing our givers

Embedded in who we are 

Creative and always growing

  • Bread themed prayer stations for growing generosity during Harvest (Resources orginally created and used in 2018)
  • Bread festival guide for sharing stories of generosity during Harvest (Resources orginally created and used in 2018)
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