Finance returns

The Parish Finance Return should be completed annually, once the parish accounts have been signed off by the PCC.

These returns should now be submitted online, if at all possible, via an online portal. PCC/DCC treasurers will have received information via email on this, along with their log-in details for the online system. A flowchart explaining this process can be downloaded here.

If you have queries about submitting your annual finance return please get in touch with the Generous Giving Team. [E:, T: 0116 261 5339.] 

Paper forms are still available - please get in touch with the Generous Giving team if you’d like one.

Please note, as well as submitting your annual finance return, you also need to submit your PCC accounts to the Finance Team.

Independent Examiners

The criteria for qualifying as an examiner is simply  “an independent person who is reasonably believed by the charity trustees to have requisite ability and practical experience to carry out a competent examination of the accounts.” This is for all charities with income up to £250,000, i.e. almost all of our churches. PCCs with income over £100,000 need to register with the Charity Commission and submit their accounts to both the Charity Commission and the Diocesan Finance Team. PCCs with income under £100,000 just need to submit their accounts to the finance team in St Martins House.

If, as a treasurer, you would be willing to offer your expertise to other treasurers as an Independent Examiner, please email me (, and I will add your name to an informal list of treasurers who are supporting other churches in this way.  

The following link provides a template for an Independent Examiner to complete if they are unsure what format to use: Independent examiner's report template (SORP FRS 102) - GOV.UK ( 

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