Info For Leaders

authorised lay ministers

Support For Lay Leaders

Explore this section for information about lay leadership including support and admin for authorised lay ministers. Find out more.

clergy info

Support for Clergy

Explore this section for information about CMD, housing, wellbeing, general HR, confirmation planning, retirement and sabbaticals. Find out more.



What is vocation? How do I know what God is calling me to? This page will tell you more.



On this page you can find details about counselling, coaching and spiritual direction as well as our Wellbeing and Return Working Group and resources for you to use for your own mental health and wellbeing, together with a link to reflective materials to feed your own spirituality  Find out more.


IME and Curates

On this page you will find details and downloads about how new ministers and their training incumbents are supported. Find out more.


Continuing Ministry Development

We offer a range of ways to continue your development as a leader. Find out more.

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