Board of Patronage

The Board of Patronage has a role to play in the appointment of an incumbent for 20 benefices in various parts of the Diocese of Leicester.

In the event of a vacancy in one of those benefices, one of the members of the Board acts as a key contact for the appointments process and attends the licensing.

Members of the Board of Patronage are:

  • The Bishop of Leicester.

  • Three clergy beneficed or licensed in the diocese elected by the house of clergy.

  • Five lay persons elected by the house of laity.

  • The Archdeacon of the relevant benefice where the particular vacancy is.

Elections take place every six years and current members of the Board hold office for six years beginning on 1st January 2019.

Unlike most of the other committee elections, the Board of Patronage election is conducted using the Single Transferable Vote. If you’d like more information about this, Andrew Brockbank would be pleased to explain.


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