The Leicester Anglican Cursillo Community Growing in Faith and Fellowship

The Leicester Anglican Cursillo (LAC) community continues to grow in faith and fellowship, as it marks another year in the diocese and looks forward to its annual weekend course at Launde Abbey.

More than 50 people recently attended an ‘Ultreya’ at St Wilfrid’s Church in Kibworth, which included a short service of worship, prayers, sharing and a witness talk, followed by a response from a Spiritual Director of LAC.

The gathering at St Wilfrid's was a bi-monthly meeting of Cursillistas from all over the diocese. Cursillo is an international group of Christians, of which the UK has at least 25 active Cursillo dioceses, including Leicester.

Carole Henson, Lay Director of Leicester Anglican Cursillo, says the Ultreya was very much enjoyed by those who took part, with many people giving of their time, money and support.

Cursillo offers committed Christians a community of discipleship in which they are supported and encouraged as they grow in faith and seek to establish a role in the work of building God’s Kingdom.

“Being part of Leicester Anglican Cursillo started some years ago for me and it was like finding a lamp under a bushel,” says Carole. “I have made many good friends who are supportive and encouraging, inspiring and loving. Cursillo compliments church amazingly, and my life is more fulfilled since I took on the voluntary role of Lay Director last year.”

The lay-led organisation has been holding short courses at Launde Abbey since 1994. The Cursillo weekend provides, what is for many, a life changing experience through which God inspires, renews, and challenges. Many who have attended the weekends have gone on to priesthood and lay ministry.

It was thought that this year’s course might not be able to go ahead, as funds were low, but the whole Cursillo community rallied round and a ‘miracle happened,’ says Carole.
“Donations came, regular giving increased, and I was thrilled to hear from our Treasurer that this extra funding meant that we had enough for LAC weekend number 52," she says.
“As two Christian organisations (Launde Abbey and Leicester Anglican Cursillo) willing to work together, God answered the prayer for enough money to be raised. Alleluia! And the course is now booked for 34 people.”

For more information about courses and the community, contact Carole Henson on or visit

First published on: 8th April 2024
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