Retired Clergy and Families Gather in Fellowship, Prayer and Praise

The Retired Clergy and Families Committee organised ‘a delightful day’ at Launde Abbey earlier this month (11 September), with members coming together in fellowship, prayer, and praise.
The gathering included many retired clergy who served in the diocese, plus those who now live here.
Bishop Colin Fletcher, Chair of the Retired Clergy Association, gave an interesting talk about retirement and some of the things to think about in preparation.
The group also shared in the Eucharist before lunch, and Evening Prayer before tea.
During tea a surprise was sprung on the most senior aged attendee, as Revd Terence Byron had celebrated his 97th birthday the day before. He was presented with a birthday cake, rendering him speechless - which is apparently very rare. Revd Terence would like to thank everyone involved for a lovely day.

First published on: 22nd September 2023
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