Prayer ribbons and scattering seeds

We have opportunities, every day, to show kindness to people around us – even in these challenging times. Every act of Christian kindness plants a seed, and that seed is something that can grow into a mighty tree.

While we might not always get to see the fruit of these interactions, we can be sure that God is at work.

One such story of hope has come to our attention, from Pioneer Minister and Reader, June Ainge.

Despite her best efforts using social media and online platforms to keep in touch with the church family at St Andrew’s in Countesthorpe, she has found it harder to stay connected with many members of their Messy Church, who they don’t have any contact details for.       

But one lady – Lianne – did message, as June explains:
“Lianne works for the NHS and the other day she sent a photo of a prayer ribbon we gave out at Messy Church so long ago, I can't even remember when!” she says.  

“It was given out as an aid to prayer with each colour signifying different kinds of prayer.”

Lianne’s message read: ‘Here is my prayer ribbon you gave me - it stays in my pocket for the whole 12 hour shift as I am so scared to go into work.’

June couldn’t believe it. She says: “I was blown away. Not only was she using the ribbon we gave out to her, but she also made contact to tell me."

“The seeds we scattered are beginning to grow during this time.”

June asked her if she could pray for her during each of her shifts - which she received, gladly.

“She lets me know when she's at work, and always says that she has her ribbon with her,” says June.

“As a Pioneer, I feel we never know if we're just entering the field, ploughing it, or scattering seeds - we just keep going with what we believe God wants us to do.”

And of course, God knows the score. We can be sure we are in safe hands.

How can you action your faith today? Who can you pray for?

First published on: 27th April 2020
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