Bishop's visit to Avanti Fields School

Bishop Martyn and St Philips Centre Director Tom Wilson visited Avanti Fields, a new Hindu faith ethos secondary school in Leicester on the morning of Wednesday 10 November.

Questions for the Bishop from Year 10 students covered a wide range of topics, including his views on how God made the world, the balance between divine omnipotence and human free will, the significant of the crucifixion, the problem of evil, and whether Easter or Christmas were of greater significance to the Christian faith.

In a quick fire question round, he was asked whether he preferred chocolate or boiled sweets (his answer was chocolate), and perhaps most importantly, where he liked cheese and crackers or samosas best (it was samosas)!

 He also met with senior staff of the school and went on a tour of the school site.

Thank you to Avanti Fields and in particular Pradip Gajjar for arranging the visit.

First published on: 10th November 2021
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