Bishops' Easter Message

In their Easter message for 2024, Bishop Martyn and Bishop Saju reflect on Jesus' words "Peace be with you" and what that means in times of conflict in the Holy Land, which we know has had an impact in our own communities.

Bishop Martyn says, "We are praying for an immediate ceasefire to the violence Israel and Gaza, we are praying for the release of all hostages, we’re praying for humanitarian aid, particularly with the news that many are facing famine"

"And for our own city and county," says Bishop Saju, "we pray that whatever our religious or political beliefs, our cultural or ethnic backgrounds, we might be a beacon of hope, showing that it is possible for people to live well together across difference, and for our diversity to be a blessing to our community.

"As Christians, we believe that God created a world which is gloriously diverse – with millions of different species of plants and animals, and varied landscapes – rainforests and rolling hills, oceans and deserts. And by God’s Holy Spirit, God makes harmony in and through diversity."

First published on: 25th March 2024
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