Bishop Martyn's Anglican Discipleship book launches new Grove series

The Bishop of Leicester has authored the first in a new series of books on discipleship. The series is being produced by the UK-based publisher Grove Books in partnership with the Anglican Communion.

Titles in the series will be written by authors from around the world. The second has been authored by the Revd Canon Dr Rachel Mash, Environmental Co-ordinator for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. Further titles are planned with authors from South America and Asia.

Bishop Martyn, a former vice-chair of the Church Mission Society, writes the first book, “Anglican Discipleship: Everyday Faith and Everyday Witness”, to encourage readers to learn from beyond the Church of England, to the wider family of churches within Anglican Communion.

“In humility, I believe we can learn so much from the bold approach of our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion.”

He also says: “For some, Anglican discipleship is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms that cannot sit comfortably together. For others it is a tautology, a repetition of qualities that are so inherent to one another as to render their association unnecessary.

“This study plays with the two terms and probes how they interact and spark off each other, exploring the theme from a specifically British perspective. Its central point is that while the church in the West has been in decline for many years, in many other parts of the world it is growing rapidly, with many new approaches to everyday life and faith.”

The Chair of Grove Books, Richard Steel, said: “I am so excited by the potential of this new series. We are delighted that Bishop Martyn could write this launch book and are looking forward to hearing voices and stories from around the world to help the Church of England and other UK churches with creative ideas to help their members grow in faith and confidence.”

The book is available in paperback from Christian Resources book shop and also as a PDF from Grove. The Christian Resources shop at St Martins House, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester sells Christian books, CD's, cards, artwork and church consumables is open Tuesday to Saturday, 9:30am-4pm or you can telephone them on 0116 2615222 or email:​

First published on: 17th May 2021
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