Professional Advisers

Appointing a Professional Adviser

The DAC has produced an Advisory Note for PCCs / DCCs wishing to appoint a Professional Adviser which should guide PCCs through the process of making an appointment..

The DAC has also issued guidance on how to maintain the relationship with your Professional Adviser once the appointment has been made (see below).

A standard form designed to assist PCCs to compare Professional Advisers and their fees can be downloaded here.

Applying to join the Mailing List of Professional Advisers for the purposes of undertaking Quinquennial Inspections

The DAC Secretary maintains a Mailing List of those professional advisers who wish to told when a D/PCC advertises that they wish to appoint a Profesional Adviser. The mailing list is not a published document. The current Mailing List runs until 31 December 2020 and a new Mailing List wil be operative for the quinquennium 2021 - 2025.

Anyone wishing to apply to be added to that Mailing List needs to read the Policy document below and then complete the Application Form.

Anyone already on the Mailing List wishing to re-apply foir inclusion on that List will need to complete the Re-application Form.


Appointing a Professional Adviser

List of potential Quinquennial Inspectors

Relationships with your Professional Adviser

Mailing List Policy

Application Form

Re-application Form


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