Lent Appeal 2024

The Bishop of Leicester's Lent Appeal 2024 in Support of Baca So Child Refugees Can Be Safe to Heal and Free to Thrive

The number of forcibly displaced people worldwide was estimated in 2022 at 108.4 million – 41% of whom were children. That year, 5,242 child refugees arrived in the UK without any family.

Many of the young people who arrive in the UK alone have endured unimaginable horrors. They have seen their homes destroyed, loved ones killed, been tortured and many have been victims of trafficking. They have taken long, dangerous and terrifying journeys to reach safety.

Yet, when children seeking refuge arrive in the UK, they continue to face adversity. Often housed in unsuitable accommodation, like hotels, with basic needs unmet and no wider support, they are at extreme risk of traffickers. As a result, nearly a third are reported missing.

Baca is a charity based in Loughborough and Cambridge which provides accommodation and therapeutic care for young people seeking refuge in the UK, without families. The vision for the charity came from a local church after child refugees, who were being housed in unsafe environments, started coming to its youth group.

Baca now runs 11 homes in Loughborough, with capacity for 39 people, and provides specialised education and training, as well as various forms of therapeutic, social and emotional support, such as art therapies and sports activities. Each young person cared for by Baca also has a support worker who helps them to develop life skills and to adjust to life in the UK, its laws and culture. 

Here is how your money can help: 

  • £5 could equip new arrivals at Baca College with education starter packs 
  • £13 could provide an hour of learning for all child refugees studying at Baca College
  • £50 could cover the setup costs for a new arrival’s room

You can find out more about Baca’s work here and donate here.

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