Quinquennial Inspections

All churches are statutorily required to be inspected at five yearly intervals. This is called the Quinquennial Inspection.

The two guides below are designed to help PCCs with this process:

The Diocesan Scheme sets out what is required in a Quinquennial Inspection Report.

There is a QI Checklist at the end of the Scheme which sets out the items that the PCC is required to provide for the Quinquennial Inspection. There is also an Environmental Checklist at the end of the Diocesan Scheme to help PCCs and their Inspector think about how the church building might reach the Church of Enland's Net Zero target.

One of the items on the QI Checklist refers to an Access Audit. To help PCCs and their Inspector think about access issues, Emily Williams, the Diocesan Disability Adviser, has put together a template Access Audit.

The Church Buildings Team has also produced A Supplementary Guidance Note for Quinquennial Inspectors.

The PCC should seek advice from the DAC Secretary before appointing the Quinquennial Inspector.

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