SBGT Extra pages

Gathering Stories - Generating Insights

Details of how to join in our story gathering for the process of prayerfully and practically working out together how we live out our Everyday Faith in a new world

Parish codes

This page give the list of all parish codes

SBGT Local Conversations

This page has all of the resources you will need to lead a SBGT local conversation with your church or fresh expression.

Shaped by God Together Conversations

As part of the Shaped By God Together (SBGT) process we're inviting anyone from the diocese to be a part of the Conversation about the future shape of our Ministry, our care for and use of our Church Buildings, and the principles that guide how we raise and best use our diocesan Finance.

Shaped By God Together Liturgy and Prayer Resources

Some prayer and liturgy materials to help you, you household or your faith community to pray as we journey through Shaped By God Together

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