Diocesan Synod

Every diocese has its own Diocesan Synod. Its role is similar to the national Church of England’s General Synod but at the regional diocesan level. 

The Diocese of Leicester’s Bishops and Archdeacons, along with elected laity and clergy from across the diocese, make up the members. Six people from the Diocesan Synod are also members of the General Synod.

The role of Diocesan Synod is to:-

  • consider matters affecting the Church of England in the diocese

  • act as a forum for debate of Christian opinion on matters of religious or public interest

  • formulates diocesan policy on a wide range of issues

  • advise the Bishop of Leicester where requested

  • deal with matters referred by General Synod

The Diocesan Synod keeps Deanery Synods informed about matters of concern. Deanery Synods also have the opportunity to submit matters for discussion at the diocesan level. 

Information about what happened at previous meetings of Diocesan Synod can be downloaded below:


Bishop Martyn's Synod Address - March 2023

Synod Summary - May 2023

Acts of Synod - September 2023
Bishop Martyn's Synod Address - September 2023
Synod Summary - September 2023


Synod Summary - Feb 2022
Bishop Martyn's Synod Address - May 2022

Synod Summary - May 2022
Acts of Synod - May 2022

Synod Summary - September 2022
Acts of Synod - September 2022

Synod Summary - November 2022


Synod Summary - December 2021
Acts of Synod - December 2021
Synod Summary - October 2021
Acts of Synod - October 2021

Bishop Martyn’s Synod Address – October 2021: 

Shaped By God Together Diocesan Framework Paper 3b for Synod 9 October 2021
Shaped By God Together Church Buildings Update Paper 3a for Synod 9 October 2021
Acts of Synod - May 2021
Synod Summary - May 2021
Presidential Address – Diocesan Synod 18 March 2021
Synod Summary - March 2021
Synod paper of Leicester Cathedral Revealed - February 2021
Synod Summary - February 2021

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