Who's who

Find staff and volunteers working for the Diocese of Leicester, Leicester Cathedral and St Martins Conference Centre 

Contact Bishop's Office


Diocesan Secretary: Jonathan Kerry
T: 0116 261 5326 jonathan.kerry@leicestercofe.org
Director of Operations and Governance: Andy Brockbank
T: 0116 261 5312 andy.brockbank@leicestercofe.org
Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Jonathan Kerry: Lynn Gerighty
T: 0116 261 5326 lynn.gerighty@leicestercofe.org
Diocesan Programme Manager: Claire Bampton
SBGT Administrator: Abbie Allen


Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser: Rachael Spiers
T: 0116 261 5341 Rachael.Spiers@Leicestercofe.org
Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser: Peter Holloway
T: 0116 2615241 Peter.Holloway@LeicesterCofE.org
Safeguarding Administrator: Julie Foulds
T: 0116 261 5360 Julie.Foulds@LeicesterCofE.org
Safeguarding Training Officer: Louise Warner
M: 07729628319 louise.warner@leicestercofe.org

Parish Transition and Ministry Development Team

T: 0116 261 5317 / 5200
Director of PT&MD Team: Revd Dr Stuart Burns
T: 0116 261 5354 stuart.burns@leicestercofe.org
PT&MD Discipleship and Vocations
PT&MD Enabler Discipleship & Vocations: Revd Liz Rawlings
T: 0116 2615328 liz.rawlings@leicestercofe.org
Diocesan Director of Ordinands: Revd Sue Willets
T: 07494 647168 Sue.Willetts@LeicesterCofE.org
Discipleship, Vocations & Ministry Co-ordinator: Claire Stapleton
T: 07932 374962 claire.stapleton@leicestercofe.org
School for Ministry Tutor: Revd Canon Louise Corke
PT&MD Ministry Transition & Development
Head of Learning and Ministry Development: Revd Dr Rob Hay
Senior Parish Transition Officer and Facilitation Lead: Beth Cluer
PT&MD Communications Officer (Part-time): Gemma Starkings
PT&MD Pioneering & Fresh Expressions Enabler (Part-time): Revd Jonathan Dowman
T: 0116 261 5307 jonathan.dowman@leccofe.org
PT&MD Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Communities Enabler: Matt Long


The Archdeacon of Leicester: Venerable Richard Worsfold
The Archdeacon of Loughborough: Venerable Claire Wood
PA to the Archdeacons: Wendy Dunnington
T: 0116 261 5309 wendy.dunnington@leicestercofe.org

Finance and Giving

Director of Finance: Simon Wilson
T: 0116 261 5308 simon.wilson@leicestercofe.org
Financial Controller: Jim Pullen
T: 0116 261 5347 Jim.Pullen@LeicesterCofE.org
Finance Officer: Adil Qassam
T: 0116 261 5329 Adil.Qassam@LeicesterCofE.org
Finance Officer: Sonal Pankhania
T:0116 261 5329 Sonal.Pankhania@LeicesterCofE.org
Chair of the Leicester Diocesan Board of Finance: David Palmer
Generous Giving Officer: Phil Leech
T: 07535 144416 E: philip.leech@leicestercofe.org
Genrous Giving Administrative Assistant: Ariel Baker
T: 07943469685 ariel.baker@leicestercofe.org


T: 0116 261 5350 F: 0116 261 5351
Director of Education: Carolyn Lewis
Further contacts at www.leicesterdbe.org


Property Manager: Mark Jowsey 
T: 0116 261 5314 Mark.Jowsey@LeicesterCofE.org
Property Officer: Lesley Whitwell
T: 0116 261 5315 Lesley.Whitwell@LeicesterCofE.org
Clergy Housing Officer: Dinta Chauhan
T: 0116 261 5316 Dinta.Chauhan@LeicesterCofE.org

IT Department

IT Systems Manager: Phil Ash
T: 0116 261 5325 phil.ash@covlec.org

Church Buildings Team

Building Development Enabler: Gill Elliott
T: 0116 261 5353 M: 07947 353129 gill.elliott@leicestercofe.org
DAC Secretary: Revd Rupert Allen
T: 0116 261 5332 / 07947353125 E: (Applications & Attachments): dac@lecportal.org E: (Correspondence): rupert.allen@leicestercofe.org 

Social Responsibility

Bishop’s Social Policy Adviser: Florence Gildea

Resourcing Churches

Diocesan Resource Church Enabler: Barry Hill
Project Manager: Alastair Michaelwaite

Intercultural Worshipping Communities

Intercultural Ministry Director: Jessie Tang
Intercultural Ministry Enabler: Michael Ravuri
Project Manager: Luke Fogg
Project Administrator: Dinta Chauhan
Project Administrator: Lesley Whitwell

Other Appointed Officers

World Development Officer: Peter Yates
T: 0116 261 5304 pyates@talktalk.net
Environmental Officer: Revd Andrew Quigley
T: 0116 254 4113 revdaquigley@gmail.com
Disability Advisor: Emily Williams
IME II Training: Revd Dr Rob Hay
Advisor for Pastoral Assistants: Revd Kim Ford
Contact through Claire Stapleton T: 0116 261 5317
Warden of Readers
c/o Revd Liz Rawlings liz.rawlings@leicestercofe.org
Spiritual Direction: Revd Liz Rawlings
Reader Training Officer: Revd Dr Rob Hay ~
Counselling Coordinator: Anissa Chung 
M: 0739 819 9392 Anissa.Chung@LeicesterCofE.org.
Advisor on Wholeness and Healing:
c/o Revd Stuart Burns T: 0116 261 5354 stuart.burns@leicestercofe.org
Non Stipendiary Ministry Officer: Revd Canon Louise Corke
T: 0116 231 3090 words.th@talktalk.net
Bishop's Advisor on Deliverance Ministry: Rt Revd Peter John Fox
Please contact Bishop’s Chaplain Revd James Pickersgill in the first instance on: T: 0116 2703390 E: Bishops.Chaplain@LeicesterCofE.org in office hours. Otherwise, Bishop Peter on 01332 811534
Bishop’s Visitors to Clergy Spouses after Marriage Breakdown: Sue Essex, Linda Gemmell and Alison Palmer
T: 0116 260 7273 susanjessex@hotmail.com
Retired Clergy & Widows Officer: Anthony Wessel
The Old Forge 16 High Street, Desford, Leicester LE9 9JF
T: 01455 822 404 F: 01455 823 545 racwessel@aol.com
Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of Leicester: Vic Allsop
T: 01664 434 697 cedo@ctil.org.uk
Mothers' Union Administrator: Kate Cooper
T: 0116 261 5339 (Tuesdays 9.30am - 2.30pm) or email kate.cooper@leicestercofe.org

Registrar: Lee Coley

Cathedral Clergy

Acting Dean of Leicester: Revd Canon Karen Rooms
Canon Pastor: Revd Canon Alison Adams
T: 0116 261 5333 alison.adams@leicestercofe.org
Canon Precentor: Revd Canon Emma Davies
T: 0116 261 5364 Emma.Davies@LeicesterCofE.org

Cathedral Administrative and Operational Staff

Cathedral Administrator: Jonathan Kerry
T: 0116 261 5326 jonathan.kerry@leicestercofe.org
Executive Assistant to the Dean and Chapter: Aabeda Choksi
T: 0116 261 5356 E: Aabeda.Choksi@LeicesterCofE.org
Marketing and Branding Officer: Andrew Radford
T: 0116 261 5357 andrew.radford@leicestercofe.org
Volunteer Manager: Rebecca Hale
T: 0116 261 5362 rebecca.hale@leicestercofe.org

Governance and Administrative Officer: Adaeze Ebodili
Digital Officer: Mary Green
Head Verger: Bev Collett
T: 0116 261 5375
Verger: Les Mitchelmore
T: 0116 261 5375 Les.Mitchelmore@Leicestercofe.org
Verger: Carys Underdown
Leicester Cathedral Revealed Project Director: Simon Bentley

Cathedral Music

Director of Music: Dr Christopher Ouvry-Johns
T: 0116 261 5374
Assistant Director of Music and Head of Music Outreach: Rosie Vinter
Arts and Music Administrator: Keziah Leonard
Associate Organist: David Cowen

St Martins House Conference Centre, St Martins Lodge and New Street Car Park

Business Director: Nigel Jobson
T: 0116 261 5200 nigel.jobson@stmartinshouse.com
Operations Manager: Sean Ryan
T: 0116 261 5200 sean.ryan@stmartinshouse.com
Administrative Manager: Daniella Blair
T: 0116 261 5200 danni.blair@stmartinshouse.com
Front Desk Manager: Veronica Ponte
T: 0116 261 5200 veronica.ponte@stmartinshouse.com

Christian Resources Leicester

Shop Manager: Janette Sturgis
T: 0116 261 5222 janette.sturgis@stmartinshouse.com
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