Capital Fund

The Diocesan Synod has set up a 2020 Capital Fund for buildings to complement the Growth Fund (which is not available for building-related work). The two funds complement each other; the Growth Fund is primarily intended to support growth initiatives through investing in people, whereas the Capital Fund will support growth through investment in our buildings.

The fund is available for churches within the Diocese of Leicester.  If you wish to know more, please read the Guidance notes here before completing an application form.

Here are some examples of projects in other parts of the country that might give you some ideas about initiatives with which the Capital Fund might help

For more information, please contact Andy Brockbank Director of Operations and Governance
T: 0116 261 5312

How to Apply

You can apply to the Capital Fund using the application form which is available for download here. Before filling in the form please read the Guidance Notes.

Dates for 2019

Meeting dates for the Capital Fund Committee have now been set for 2019 as follows

16 October 2019

(Deadline 2 October 2019)

Please note that from 2019 onwards the maximum grant awarded will be £20,000. The Capital Fund will also be offering small grants of £250 for disability access projects. A simplified application form is available here.