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  1. Holy Saturday Prayers from Partners in World Development 19th Apr 2014 - HOLY SATURDAY -- The Scattered Church It was the day after the Crucifixion. As Jesus had predicted, the shepherd had been taken and killed, and the sheep were scattered, retreating into hiding. Today, worshippers in North Korea, Libya and Yemen are also scattered and in hiding as they face the real possibilities of torture and death. Yet they continue to hold on to hope founded in ‘the steadfast love of the Lord’. This is the hope of Holy Saturday, that torture, execution and death do not have the final word. Instead, Christians everywhere wait in sure and certain hope that the resurrection of Easter Sunday will come. Continue Reading
  2. Good Friday Prayers from Partners in World Development 18th Apr 2014 - GOOD FRIDAY -- Persecutors and the Persecuted Continue Reading
  3. Want to hear Mark Russell for free?! 18th Apr 2014 - Head of the Church Army, Mark Russell, is one of the keynote speakers at the big diocesan festival/funday/opening of Cathedral Gardens and faith sharing day on Saturday 5th July, midday onwards. Continue reading for more… Continue Reading
  4. Christian Aid East Midlands Update April 16 Christian Aid East Midlands Update April 16 17th Apr 2014 - Continue Reading
  5. Maundy Thursday Prayers from Partners in World Development 17th Apr 2014 - For your prayers this Maundy Thursday (2014) They come with our blessings for this season of the Passion. MAUNDY THURSDAY -- Bread, Wine, Water Continue Reading
  6. Launde Abbey Retreats and Holidays 16th Apr 2014 - Latest list of Retreats and Holidays at Launde Abbey Continue Reading
  7. Noah - A Musical Adventure 15th Apr 2014 - A family musical at the Y-Theatre with Saltmine Theatre Co & Doug Horley. 7.30pm. Tickets £6 each from http://godis.gd/noah Continue Reading
  8. Seeding Days at Launde Abbey 15th Apr 2014 - The idea behind a “Seeding Day” is that we invite people from a parish and learn about a specific topic and then we give them the expertise and materials to take the topic back to their parishes and lead a session or workshop on it themselves. Continue Reading
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