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  1. Diocesan 24/7 Prayer Room for Thy Kingdom Come - sign up now open 3rd May 2016 - As part of our response to the Archbishop's call to prayer (http://www.leicester.anglican.org/news/details/churches-getting-involved-with-thy-kingdom-come) many churches are hosting round the clock prayer rooms from the 8th to 15th May. Holy Trinity Church, Leicester have kindly agreed to host a diocesan prayer room from 9am on Sunday 8th May to Sunday 15th 9pm, open continuously during this period. A member of Holy Trinity will be there to host throughout this time an interactive, multi-sensory prayer room. Sign up to pray for an hour (or more) here: http://www.24-7prayer.com/emailredirect/0ebcc77dc72360d0eb8e9504c78d38bd/ Continue Reading
  2. Call to prayer ahead of the EU Referendum 30th Apr 2016 - Continue Reading
  3. 150 Years of Reader Ministry Celebration Service 29th Apr 2016 - Celebrating 150 Years of Reader Ministry! Sunday 8th May 3pm at Leicester Cathedral Continue Reading
  4. Last chance to give feedback: Shaped by God ‘thought for the fortnight’ 28th Apr 2016 - If you haven't yet completed the three question feedback on the Shaped by God thought for the fortnight mailings, you have until this Friday (6th May) to do so. Your feedback is really helpful and much appreciated and thank you to the many people who have filled this in. Continue reading for the questions. Continue Reading
  5. Save the Date: 2017 Diocesan Conference 28th Apr 2016 - A reminder to all licensed Clergy and Pioneers to save the date for the 2017 Diocesan Conference, in Derbyshire from the morning of 19th to after lunch on 21st September 2017. More details... Continue Reading
  6. Prayers from Partners in World Development -  May 1 28th Apr 2016 - This week • 'Welcoming the Stranger' • Freedom of the Press • Unnacompanied Minors • Short Notes: Equitorial Guinea Follow-Up, May Climate Prayers, EU Referendum Resource, Burundi Continue Reading
  7. Prayers from Partners in World Development -  April 24 Prayers from Partners in World Development -  April 24 25th Apr 2016 - This Week • "Welcoming the Stranger" • Short Notes: Equitorial Guinea, Ethiopia • Fashion Revolution • The Paris Agreement and EWDC Christ's commanding the disciples to love as He has loved ... the disciples' growing awareness that God's gift of repentance and new life is being offered even to the Gentiles ... Revelation's portrayal of the New Jerusalem in which God dwells with mortals - and mourning and crying and pain are no more. This week's Revised Common Lectionary readings continue to show the impact of Christ's redemptive love throughout and beyond time. Can we take time this week to praise God for this love ... and to meditate on it, allowing it more and more to shape our thoughts and actions? Continue Reading
  8. Helen Bence writes on Thy Kingdom Come 25th Apr 2016 - Our own Revd Helen Bence has written a blog for the national church on Thy Kingdom Come. Plus list of local events Continue Reading
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