last updated on: 30th Jul 2015

Key Facts

Did you know the Diocese has...?

  • 324 churches including the Cathedral
  • 237 Parishes, joined to form 123 Benefices
  • 143 full-time clergy
  • 49 self supporting clergy
  • 144 Readers
  • 17,700 people attend churches regularly
  • 99 Church of England schools
  • 1 City Academy, sponsored jointly with David Samworth CBE

And did you know...?

  • Chaplains work in hospitals, prisons, colleges and universities, with HIV/AIDS, in industry and with the disabled
  • St Martins House at the heart of Leicester is the home to Diocesan and Cathedral Staff, Outreach facilities, rentable office space and high class Conference and Hospitality facilities
  • St Philip’s Centre for Study and Engagement in a Multi-Faith Society provides training for Christians, other faiths and civic partners
  • Launde Abbey is the Diocesan Retreat House at East Norton, welcoming thousands of people each year to a place of prayer and Christian hospitality
  • Street Pastors provides late night support to people in the City Centre
  • The Welcome Project offers practical help and support to asylum seekers and refugees
  • Rural Officers link those living and working in the countryside with support services

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