last updated on: 5th Feb 2014

In 2014 the Bishop has agreed with the Area Deans a different pattern for arranging confirmation services. We will not be publishing a central list at the start of the year. The Bishops are keen to encourage parishes to see confirmation as a central part of their diet of the nurture of faith in the laity, and are happy to use their parochial visits, particularly on Sunday mornings, as the natural place where cofirmation takes place.

To that end, Area Deans have agreed to facilitate a discussion at Deanery Chapter about the wider nurture of faith within parishes, and clergy of individual parishes (or groups of parishes if that is desired) make their own approach to the Bishop's Chaplain or 0116-270-3390 

The diocesan guidance for host incumbents can be found here, and the Confirmation return form to be submitted by every incumbent can be found here.

The remaining confirmation services for 213 are:

03 November 10:00am Framland (Scalford) (+Christopher)

17 November 4:00pm N W Leicestershire (Christchurch Coalville) (+Tim)

24 November 3:00pm Cathedral (+Tim)

Bishop Tims reminds clergy that he expects all incumbents to give confirmation candidates adequate preparation.  The names of candidates should be supplied to the host incumbent in plenty of time to allow for the planning and coordination of the service to be concluded with my office. 

Incumbents should ensure that their registers, forms, certificates and any gifts are in the vestry at least 30 minutes before the start of the service for the officiating bishop to sign. 

We will also be holding once again the annual celebration day for all the newly confirmed in the Cathedral on 7 June 2014 starting at 10am.  This will provide an opportunity for the Bishops and colleagues to meet with those confirmed in the last year since June 2013, to continue the journey of the faith as we learn, worship and pray together.  Throughout this last year all those confirmed should have received an invitation to the event and, nearer the day, Canon Mike Harrison will be announcing plans for the service.

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