last updated on: 21st Sep 2010

How to add an event

Enter a short but descriptive title. Adding the location of the event helps readers know if it's relevant to them.(Please avoid CAPS LOCK). Take a look at events already listed for inspiration.

Format the date as Day (Sunday) Date (5th) Month (January). Don't add the year or the specific times of the event.  If multiple days pleased add only the first and other details in the content..

In the Content section enter all the information required. Start with venue then start time and then any other information needed. Finish with contact details.

The Snippet section is perhaps the most important element. It is the summary that you see on the web page list and on Diomail. Put your key details in here so people can see at a glance what your event is about, what time and where it is. It doesn't matter if you repeat the content

Once you submit the form it will not appear on the events list immediately but needs to be manually approved before being added to the site (this prevents spam and inappropriate content appearing) so please be patient as it may be a few days before items go live.

Thank you

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