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last updated on: 12th May 2016

We are all part of ‘the bigger church’, the Diocese of Leicester, that draws us together across geographical and cultural distances. Part of that belonging is the annual Contribution that all parishes make to our shared Diocesan budget. This contribution makes up nearly 60% of the income to the diocesan budget and almost covers the cost of the stipends and pensions of all of our clergy, estimated to be £4.5 million this year.

Parishes are not told what to pay but decide themselves what a generous contribution would be. The resources here are to help you make that decision, and to share with your PCC and congregations so that they can come to know more about ‘the bigger church’ of which they are a part.

DVDs and poster sets were posted to PCC and DCC treasurers in April 2016. Also included in this pack was a draft diocesan budget for 2017 and a letter from Diocesan Secretary Jonathan Kerry .
More copies of all of these are available on request.

For more information contact Sally Hayden (Generous Giving Development Director) on 07950 428 829 or



2016 Poster Set



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