Diocesan Synod

last updated on: 10th Jul 2013

Ex Officio

The Bishop of Leicester
The Assistant Bishop

Ex Officio

The Dean of Leicester (also General Synod)
The Archdeacon of Leicester
The Archdeacon of Loughborough
The Chair of the DAC
Ford, Mandy (General Synod)
McGinley, John (General Synod)
Plant, John (General Synod)

Bishop's Nominees
Harrison, Mike
Hooper, Peter

Elected Representatives

Akeley East Deanery
Bowler, David
Hebden, Cynthia
Horton, Anne
Taylor, Christopher
Edmonds, Tony
Stevens, Simon
2 vacancies

City of Leicester Deanery
Arens, Johannes
Brown, Derek
Cundill, David
Hobson, Peter
King, Clare
Kumar, Suresh
Magee, Keith
Monteith, David
Naylor, Barry
Worsfold, Richard
6 vacancies

Framland Deanery
Ashby, Kevin
Constable, Sharon
Curtis, Jane
Leighton, Susan
Paterson, Susan
Leighton, Tony

Gartree I Deanery
Bishop, Stephen
Brand, Richard
Shakespeare, James

Gartree II Deanery
Bailey, Stephen
Barrett, Jonathan
Bence, Helen
Furse, Adrian
O'Reilly, Philip
Rusk, Michael

Goscote Deanery
Gladstone, Rob
Hopkins, Richard
Iqbal, Javaid
White, David

Guthlaxton Deanery
Davies, Emma
Hawker, Alan
Hebblewhite, David
Taylor, Jerry
Oxley, Christopher

NorthWest Leicestershire Deanery
Elphick, Vivien
Joss, Martin
Vale, Thomas
Williams, Haydn
Woolcock, Olwen
1 vacancy

Sparkenhoe East Deanery
Sharpe, John
Nicholls, Simon
Ringland, Tom
Deegan, Arthur

Sparkenhoe West Deanery
Blay, Linda
Meyrick, Tom
Stephen, Robert
Watson, Philip
Weston, Gary
Whittaker, John
1 vacancy

Ex officio

The Chancellor
The Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance (also General Synod)
Ardron, Shayne (General Synod)
Bloor, Anne (General Synod)

Bishop's Nominees
Alexander, Mike
Constable, Paul
Manning, Rosemarie
Newbury, Guy
Roberson, John

Elected Representatives

Akeley East Deanery

Allard, David Brian
Knowles, Pamela Ann
Martin, Clifton
Whittington, David
5 vacancies

City of Leicester Deanery
Allsop, Victor
Bass, Janet
Gillespie, Margaret
Howe, Pamela
Hunt, Angela
Mitchelmore, Leslie
Nicolle-Anderiesz, Gary
Roberts, Sheila
Terry, Margaret
Zientek, Jan
2 vacancies

Framland Deanery
Brown, Josephine Ann
Cornfield, Leslie William
Neale, Ian Anthony
3 vacancies

Gartree I Deanery
Dixon Smith, Peter
Hackett, Neville
Johnson, Caroline
Tanner, George Brian
Walton, Adam

Gartree II Deanery
Arthur, Gordon
James, Vivien
Longhill, Sarah
Smith, Donald
Smith, Elizabeth

Goscote Deanery
Morgan, Reginald
Tegg, Herbert
Waddington, John
Wilson, David

Guthlaxton Deanery
Beeson, David
Bonvie Marsland, Jennifer
Wayne-Hawker, Elizabeth
Lloyd, Samuel
Rampton, Raymond
Yates, Peter
Yates, Sheila

NorthWest Leicestershire Deanery
Fletcher, Martin
Harris, Jill
Hodson, Trevelyn
Keith, Douglas
Maguire, Fiona
Morris-Chapman, Norma
Phillips, Alan

Sparkenhoe East Deanery
Carpenter, Janet
Hughes, Brian
Hughes, Diane
Mann, Julia

Sparkenhoe West Deanery
Annan, Coleen
Jones, Gwynne
Surtees, David
Newbury, Sheila
2 vacancies

Major J Roberts

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