Bishops Council

last updated on: 2nd Jul 2013

Ex officio members
The Bishop of Leicester: Bishop Tim
The Assistant Bishop: Bishop Christopher
The Archdeacon of Leicester: Tim Stratford
The Archdeacon of Loughborough: David Newman
The Dean of Leicester: David Monteith
The Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance: Stephen Barney
The Chair of the House of Clergy: Mandy Ford
The Chair of the House of Laity: David Wilson
The Director of Mission and Ministry: Mike Harrison
The Chair of the Diocesan Forum for Ethnic Minority Anglican concerns (DFEMA): Paskal Clement

Elected, nominated and co-opted members
Elected House of Clergy: John McGinley
Elected House of Clergy: Philip O’Reilly
Elected House of Clergy: Michael Rusk
Elected House of Laity: Vic Allsop
Elected House of Laity: Sarah Longhill
Elected House of Laity: David Surtees
Elected House of Laity: Gwynne Jones
Elected House of Laity: Shayne Ardron
Area Dean nominated by Area Deans: Tom Meyrick
Lay Chair nominated by Lay Chairs: Ian Neale
Co-optee: Richard Brand
Co-optee: Ruth Ingman

NB. Up to two representatives of the Bishop’s Youth Council attend meetings of Bishop’s Council.

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