Bishops Council

last updated on: 26th Sep 2016

Ex officio members
The Bishop of Leicester +Martyn
The Assistant Bishop +Christopher
The Archdeacon of Leicester Tim Stratford
The Archdeacon of Loughborough David Newman
The Dean of Leicester David Monteith
The Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance Stephen Barney
The Chair of the House of Clergy Peter Hooper
The Chair of the House of Laity David Wilson
Director of Mission and Ministry (currently Mission Enabler attends as post is vacant) Barry Hill
The Chair of the Diocesan Forum for Ethnic Minority Anglican concerns (DFEMA) Paskal Clement
The Bishop’s Adviser on Women’s Ministry Jane Curtis
Elected, nominated and co-opted members
Elected House of Clergy Sue Field
Elected House of Clergy John McGinley
Elected House of Clergy Philip O’Reilly
Elected House of Laity Vic Allsop
Elected House of Laity Shayne Ardron
Elected House of Laity Gwynne Jones
Elected House of Laity Margaret Terry
Elected House of Laity John Waddington
Area Dean nominated by Area Deans Rob Gladstone
Lay Chair nominated by Lay Chairs Ian Neale
Co-optee Vacant
Co-optee Ruth Ingman

NB. Up to two representatives of the Bishop’s Youth Council attend meetings of Bishop’s Council.

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