Vocation in daily life


It’s a misunderstanding that a vocation, a calling and a ministry, are only for some Christians, such as clergy. 

It is clear from scripture that all Christians have a ministry, for example, in Ephesians 4, we read that all followers of Jesus Christ are called to be ministers of God’s grace, mercy, love and truth, which will in practice help us to grow in knowledge and maturity (Ephesians 4.11-13).

When we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we are called to be ministers or servants of God. All God’s people are called to the ministry of serving God and others.

That is what the word ‘ministry’ means – not just in church on Sundays, or in home groups during the week, but every day of the week, in factories and offices, and schools and universities, and at home, and out in the community.  

This is what the Diocese of Leicester’s Everyday Faith focus seeks to encourage by equipping every baptised Christian to serve God, day by day, in their own ministry. Each of us is called to use our own unique mix of gifts, challenges and characteristics.

Why not talk to the incumbent or leader of your church to help you discern what your own personal ministry might be. If you’re interested in a formal ministry (either ordained or lay) you can find details at our Vocations page.

Contact Jon Barrett, Mission and Communication Enabler, for further advice.

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