The File

The File

last updated on: 2nd Apr 2013

‘The File’ is a library of resources, mostly designed to be led and run locally.  The majority are one off sessions, some are longer courses.  The courses and events included in this pack are offered as a resource to mission and ministry. They do not provide answers. They offer opportunities to learn together, to release and engage new ministries and gifts, and above all for people to participate in developing the mission and ministry of their local Church or Christian Community.

The vast majority of sessions and courses are designed to be led locally, without the need for an external facilitator or member of the Mission and Ministry team (however the team are ready to support and talk through resources as is helpful). 

Download the full list of sessions here.

How do we decide what might be most appropriate for us?
Planning a resource event or deciding whether to run a course is not easy.  There are key decisions to be made. To facilitate this Mission Partnership Convenors (and some Area Deans) have several tools, including a simple graphic template asking five key questions, that will help you discern what might be helpful in your context before you embark on a particular programme. This will ensure that the delivery of any course or event should also fit into an overall flow, or direction.  Contact your Mission Partnership Convenor (or Area Dean) to explore these further.

It is shown that only 10% of effective learning comes from courses. The rest relies upon experiencing new things, learning alongside others, and reflecting on experience.  So in planning what might help your mission partnership do consider what else might need to be in place to support and enable learning to take root.

Next to each session or course is a symbol indicating which of the nine marks of mission, identified in the diocesan vision, Shaped by God, primarily apply.  At the end of the list the sessions are also categorised by other definitions (such as where in the life cycle of the church they might be most helpful).  

How do we access them?
The resources themselves are accessed through your Mission Partnership Convenor. This is based on a desire that the resources are used effectively, and the training or development provided is integrated into the life of the Church or wider Mission Partnership. 

The Mission Partnership Convenor will act as a ‘custodian’ of the resources, able to work with you in discerning the right course, link you in with any others exploring the same topic, maybe even offer to co-ordinate an event or a course across a Mission Partnership, and will liaise with the Mission & Ministry team over facilitation and delivery. 

Read the Bishop's letter of introduction to The File here

For more information contact the Mission and Ministry team here.

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