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The Why, What and How...

A key part of the Shaped by God vision is to embrace missionally the challenges of the future, as seen in the 2020 Deanery Planning process. 

Between now and 2020 one of the biggest challenges to the Church of England is the high average age of its clergy, meaning 40% will retire before 2020, and even though an encouraging and growing number of people are being called to ordination, we know now that there be 20% fewer clergy in 2020 than at the start of the decade.  Rather than waiting until it is too late and making hasty, less strategic decisions, a process started in Autumn 2011 to resource and support each Deanery in helping them to discern and formulate their own plan for how to use clergy and the resultant changes that will mean for the practices and culture of the church.

The only two fixed requirements were the number of stipendiary clergy in 2020 in each Deanery and that the plan must have at its heart mission to the 90% who are not yet part of worshipping communities rather than just the small percentage that are.  Deaneries were each given a facilitator from central diocesan staff to help them think big and not be constrained by the status quo. 

The plans were weighed, debated and discussed during 2012 and given a green light at a series of Deanery Roadshows in Autumn 2012 (some notes from which are below).  The hard work of implementing not just the changes as to where clergy are based, but the perhaps even more challenging questions of how the culture changes to allow these changes to flourish, so we don’t end up doing the same thing in ten years’ time!

The 2020 Planning process is not a successor to Shaped by God but an integral part of the on-going, long-term vision of Shaped by God, to see each church community in Leicestershire growing in the number of disciples, the depth of that discipleship and effect that discipleship has in the service of others.  This webpage is regularly updated so please do check back regularly and contact Diocesan Mission Enabler, Barry Hill (who has a co-ordinating role for 2020) with anything you feel needs to be added. A range of other supporting documents, policies, strategies and toolkits to help deaneries address the areas they raised are currently being worked on. Contact Barry to find out the latest on any of these.  Many are already provided below:

Resources and papers

The 'Traffic Light' document, showing all policies requested by deaneries from diocesan officers and their current status (last updated 23rd Febraury 2015)

An emerging paper on Focal Ministry, as commended by Area Deans and Bishops Staff meeting in July 2013 and the Shaped by God Ops Group in September 2013, is here.

Click here to download the diocesan policy on what House for Duty means in practice, expectations and the like (agreed by Bishop's Staff after consultation and published in June 2013).

In response to questions on Non-Stipendary Ministry (NSMs), a summary of answers is collated here (published March 2013)

A new Capital Fund (around £2m) to help with building needs to support flourishing mission is detailed further here.  This is related but distinct from the £3m Growth Fund, details of which are here.

In response to deanery plans, a revised resource pack and policy for Communion by Extension was published in December 2012.  The resource pack can be downloaded from here and the summary resource pack from here.

A paper re-affirming the place of Mission Partnerships, tweaking who can be Mission Partnership Convenors and detailing how Mission Partnerships can be helpfully involved in vacancies was agreed in Autumn 2012.  A copy is available to download here.

To read a paper outlining the rationale behind payment to clergy in ministry over the age of 70 [agreed in February 2013] click here.

Archdeacon of Loughborough, David Newman, reflected on the emerging themes across deaneries in their 2020 plans in the Winter 2012 edition of diocesan magazine, In Shape.  Download it for free here (the article is on page 11).

A key part of resourcing mission, the new £3m Growth Fund was agreed by Synod in September 2012 and launched at the start of 2013.  Click on the special website with full details of the application process, forms and FAQs here.

A diocesan policy on the deployment of House for Duty posts was agreed by Bishop's Council in March 2011.  It can be downloaded here.  See above for a more updated policy on House for Duty in general.

The introductory article on 2020 Vision for Mission and Ministry, including 1) Why this task now?  2) What are we asking Deaneries to do? and 3) Principles and Key questions is here: 2020 Vision for Mission and Ministry 5 alongside a 2020 Vision timetable (updated) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): FAQs23.6.10

Future of Ministry – Presentation to Clergy Chairs of Synod May 2010: This ppt begins with a helpful few slides you might use to give recent statistics underlining the challenge faced in terms of declining numbers of clergy across the Church of England. It goes on to cite the response of one Diocese in the Anglican Communion to a similar challenge, that of Toronto. Their work is particularly of interest to those who might want to look at distinguishing between strategic, sustainable, static and unsustainable parishes.   PPT Future of Ministry & Diocese of Toronto word document

Here is a template to follow when drawing up the Deanery Plan, with an example Deanery Planning Template   Template with notes and example

Paper on the relationships and distinct foci of Deaneries and Mission Partnerships

The Plans Themselves
Each of the deanery plans is provided here, with the considerable caveat that these are plans as they were in mid-2012.  The Spirit of God is not constrained to a fixed plan on a given date so they continue to develop and evolve and so whilst the core parts of each plan largely remain unchanged, for the latest details contact the Area Dean in question.  A few questions were also not resolved by the time the plans were initially agreed and some remain unresolved.  These are black and white versions of the plans to reduce the large file size.  For full colour copies contact the Area Dean.

City of Leicester       Goscote       Guthlaxton     NW Leicestershire    Sparkenhoe East       Sparkenhoe West       Gartree         Akeley East       Framland

2020 Deanery Roadshows
Around 1,200 people attended roadshows around the deaneries with Bishop Tim and other diocesan staff during the Autumn of 2012.  During these the Bishop reflected on why 2020 and why now, the Area Dean shared the 2020 plan, the Bishop encouraged deaneries to go for it and everyone present was invited to  share what they feel God maybe saying to them, to ask questions of the Bishop and to comment on the plans. All of these comments are written up each night and now available to view below.

City  of Leicester    Goscote    Guthlaxton    NW Leicestershire    Sparkenhoe East
Sparkenhoe West   Gartree    Akeley East    Framland

To read an update from the Area Dean of Framland (May 2013) with priorities for 2013 and 2014 click here.

To view the feedback from all nine roadshows in a single PDF file go here.





What follows is some of the initial webpage from early in the process, which contained a few of the many models and resources facilitators offered in person to help each deanery.  It has not been much changed since mid 2011 so some links maybe out of date or no longer relevant:

Some other web resources

A review in 2009 undertaken by Coventry Diocese of the Alcester group of churches which is consciously modeled on the Minster model – see http://www.coventry.anglican.org/ministry/learninghttp://www.leicester.anglican.org/resources/

‘Models of Parochial Ministry Study Day pdf’ - A report from Coventry Diocese in February 2010 exploring existing models of parish ministry including teams, groups and multi-church teams and their strengths and weaknesses. Found by scrolling half-way down list on  http://www.coventry.anglican.org/ministry/learninghttp://www.leicester.anglican.org/resources/

A ppt available from the National Church relating to scenarios of actual pastoral reorganization, including diverse examples of Church plants, plurality/union of non-adjoining parishes, teams, groups, deanery team etc. The ppt is spare on explanation so takes some understanding, but is worth the thinking!http://www.cofe.anglican.org/about/churchcommissioners/pastoralandclosedchurches/commonresources/presentations/facilitatingmission.pdf

Guidance to help deaneries plan the deployment of staff in the context of Carlisle Diocese’s strategy for growing the church, from 2008.  http://www.churchmaps.co.uk/diocese/Carlisle/CARLISLE%20deployment%20planning%20guidance%20may%2008.pdf

Some Books:

Parochial Vision by Nick Spencer - a glowing recommendation of the Minster model for parishes and benefices clustering

Re-Shaping Rural Ministry -eds James Bell et al - useful for enabling lay leadership and vocational pathways (NB important to connect this with resource of the 'Called Team' and Stuart's work in Adult Ed.)

The Vicar's Guide ed D.Ison - see esp. pp.146-155, article by Roger Morris on models of multi-parish benefices

Resourcing Mission – Helen Cameron – suggests five cultural forms of church and case studies, and the different ways churches, small and large, can find their place in God’s mission.

Examples of Deanery Plans:

Deanery of Canterbury Deanery Mission Plan 2010  An example of what a plan ‘looks like’ albeit one that is not planning as far ahead as 2020 or with the same parameters around stipendiary numbers. Available as a pdf athttp://www.martinpaul.org/Deaneryplan2010.pdf

For a remarkably short(!) draft deanery plan but one which elucidates clearly the guiding principles behind the plan see the Deanery Plan on pp.12-13 of the job advert for the Priest in Charge of United Wye benefice, 2009 , in Canterbury Diocese at http://www.canterburydiocese.org/vacancies/wyepriestinchargeprofileaugust2009.pdf

Some Relevant Themes:  

Cultivating Vocations: see the section of the Diocesan website devoted to calling and response at http://www.leicester.anglican.org/vocations especially the subsections concerned with resources for small groups, individuals etc.

Presence: Country Way article Spring/Summer 2010 by John Inge - two page overview of nature of "presence" - good introductory article to the issue of what connection there is between place and presence. A Christian Theology of Place by John Inge provides a wider overview.

Nurture Courses: on the Diocesan website see the booklet summarizing different possible courses and resources at 549-Stepping%20Stones%20updated.pdf

A Prayer for Deanery Planning

God of new beginnings
we pray that you will
transform your church
as you renew us by your love.
Give us vision for the journey
that we may travel light
and live increasingly by faith.
Inspire, enliven and empower us,
so that along the Way
we may be sustained by the life of Christ
in ourselves,
in one another
and in the world. Amen.      
(Adapted from MAP prayer from Blackburn Diocese)

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