White Rose Cafe open at St Martins House

last updated on: 11th Feb 2013

White Rose Cafe open at St Martins House

Friday (8th February) saw the opening of the 'White Rose Cafe' at St Martins House to coincide with the opening of the Richard III exhibition at the Guildhall Visitors Centre. Working closely with the City Council, the team at St Martins House worked round the clock to get everything ready for the big day and visitors began arriving almost as soon as the doors of the exhibition opened. The opening days of the exhibition itself have been a great success with an estimated 3000 visitors within the first three days.Those same visitors have also been streaming into the Cathedral to visit the memorial stone and the Richard III displays. It looks set to continue this week and for many weeks to come. The exhibition and the cafe are open for the next six months.

You can read more about the opening days of the exhibition in the Leicester Mercury

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