Sing Christmas: Get involved

last updated on: 2nd Dec 2012

Sing Christmas: Get involved

Christmas starts with Christ! Sing Christmas: Get involved

Book your venue now, and register on the Sing Christmas website. Joining the BBC's Church Challenge, where every church takes part, inviting people to a venue which is not the church building! Sometimes we may feel as if lots of doors are shut to the church today, or at best can take quite a bit of energy to open!  Sing Christmas is a wide open door to your church to engage with people where they are with the message of hope and life offered through Jesus this Christmas. 

Simply put, Leicester Diocese, BBC Radio Leicester and Churches Together in Leicestershire have partnered together to produce an hour long sing-along carol service on Monday 17th December at 7pm.  The service features a range of carols (played by a brass band, live from St Martin’s House in Leicester), a reflection on the message and meaning of Christmas from Bishop Tim, and Bible readings read by a range of well known local celebrities. 

The idea is that groups of Christians, organised Church or Benefice groups or Mission Partnerships tune into BBC Radio Leicester and then ‘host’ the live broadcast in their local pubs, nursing homes, sports clubs or really anywhere where a group are gathered (ideally not in a church building!).  Song sheets, flyers, posters and even PowerPoint should you like it will all be available to download from the Sing Christmas website.  

Each year a number of pubs (particularly from the Everard chain who fully support it and brief all their managers on it) contact us asking if a church might be interested in hosting one in their pub!  Very few, if any pubs or nursing homes ever say no.  It really is an open door for mission, with most of the work done for you, but with opportunity to tailor to your context (for example, some churches give out mince pies wrapped in a napkin which explains more of the story of Christmas: others start a few minutes early with their own welcome and add a few words of invite to a Christmas service or Alpha like Course at the end). 

To register your church (it’s all free!), or find out more information go to or contact

Join the ‘Church Challenge’ to see if every church in Leicestershire and Rutland (so not just OUR Diocese!) can link with a group to host Sing Christmas. Thousands of people in their local community can be involved who wouldn’t otherwise go to a carol service or other Christmas event.


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