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  1. Prayers from Partners in World Development - October 19 Prayers from Partners in World Development - October 19 19th Oct 2014 - This week: • Freedom Sunday • Short Notes: Ethical Investment, Nigeria, Fair Trade, Updates (Climate, Tax, Conflict in the CAR) This week's Revised Common Lectionary readings offer food for reflection on the way God calls people. In the reading from Isaiah, Cyrus is portrayed as God's agent, called by God for the sake of God's people and "though you do not know me"; Paul speaks of a call that overcomes persecution and leads to a life of faith. What is our calling? How do we see God's calling in the lives of others? Continue Reading
  2. Christian Aid East Midlands Update - 17 October 2014 Christian Aid East Midlands Update - 17 October 2014 17th Oct 2014 - Hunger for Justice this weekend! This Saturday and Sunday, our Hunger for Justice weekend of prayer and action will be taking place! Hundreds of Churches across the country will be holding special services, events and challenging their MPs to take action on climate change. If you are getting involved in Hunger for Justice please do let us know how it goes and send us any of your photos. We would love to hear how it goes! Continue Reading
  3. Godtalk 3 - World without end? 16th Oct 2014 - A special conference held at St Martins House on Thursday 30 October, 10.00am - 4.00pm exploring human and theological responses to climate change and the ecological crisis, with guest speakers Professor Peter Scott, Dr Jan Zalasiewicz, David Shreeve and Bishop David Atkinson. Continue Reading
  4. Moving Stories: 175 Responding to the crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory Moving Stories: 175 Responding to the crisis in the occupied Palestinian territory 14th Oct 2014 - I have just been notified of a report on the Christian Aid web page http://www.christianaid.org.uk/whatwedo/latest/latest-video-photos-podcasts.aspx?Page=1 about the trip to Gaza mentioned in this Moving Stories. Please do take a look. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/13/mps-vote-to-recognise-palestinian-state This is an article on the vote in Parliament yesterday. Continue Reading
  5. Wanted- someone to play either on the piano or even the organ 14th Oct 2014 - Would you be willing to come and play for us at Christ the King Beaumont Leys to give our singing a lift and a sparkle? Continue Reading
  6. Would you like to become a Friend to the Leicester Bach Choir? 14th Oct 2014 - The Leicester Bach Choir has been described as one of Leicester's best-loved institutions, since it has performed choral concerts here for more than 80 years! Why not become a Friend or Patron and support us in continuing to do this. Continue Reading
  7. Prayers from Partners in World Development - October 12 Prayers from Partners in World Development - October 12 12th Oct 2014 - This week: • Churches Week of Action on Food • Climate Talks - Pray and Fast for the Climate • Short Notes: Brazilian Elections, Ebola Impact, Ukraine, Typhoons The verses from Isaiah and Philippians in this week's Revised Common Lectionary readings offer a wonderful reminder of the hope and confidence that God offers us, whatever troubles may surround us. Our God, the God who "has done wonderful things" is near. Can we rejoice and come faithfully with our requests and thanksgivings, trusting that God will answer prayer? Continue Reading
  8. Intentional Evangelism 12th Oct 2014 - Click here to download a free, fully prepared session to help Deaneries, Mission Partnerships and Parishes consider what they are engaged in which is most fruitful and intentionally evangelistic and how they might realise God’s call to build on that: http://www.leicester.anglican.org/shaped-by-God/the-file/ Continue Reading
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