What’s right for me?

last updated on: 22nd Mar 2011

How do you work out what’s right for you? Most people begin by finding out what’s possible, getting more information about the role and praying about whether this is what God is leading them towards.

Very soon, however, talking to a close relative or friend, or somebody who knows about these various ministries can be helpful. Most people will have an initial conversation with their vicar or minister, who may be able to refer them on to someone specifically trained to help them.

Listening to God – or discernment – as it is sometimes called, is something Christians do all the time; but it becomes especially important when we’re trying to work out whether God wants us to take a major step or make a major change, like moving from one career into another or taking on a particular, recognised responsibility within the life of the Church. 

The bad news is that it can sometimes feel very hard to know which direction to go in; the good news is that the responsibility for working it out rests with the Church as a whole and not just with the individual. That means that there are others who share in what we call the discernment process – people who have gifts of listening, who are there to listen both to God and to each person on behalf of the Church, and who want to help you discover the way forward for your own life.

In the Diocese of Leicester, there is a “called” team who can help by putting you in touch with someone local to you who can help in working out what direction might be right for you. (See the section “Called” Team). If you want to find out how to get in touch with a member of the Called Team, send an email to Claire.Stapleton@LeCCofE.org  and you will be given the information you need.

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