last updated on: 21st May 2014

A warm welcome to the vocation pages of the Diocesan website.

Here's a short film of the 2014 Ordination candidates discussing their journey...


This resource is here for two different uses. First, for those who are exploring a sense of calling and want assistance in doing so and second for those clergy and others who are seeking to foster a sense of calling in the places they minister. If you belong to the latter group, you might want to skip straight to the links vocations events and opportunities and downloads of vocations resources and related links. If you belong to the former group…read on!

“Vocation” is a word often used to describe a call we sense is from God that is pointing us into a particular way of life. More widely, when Christians talk about a "call" we mean that God is calling us—in our mind and heart—to take an action or make a commitment. The outworking of this call will be different for each person, and the following pages provide resources to help you consider what it is that God might be calling you to right now. 

Watch this quick introductory video and then just click on the links on the menu relevant to you.

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