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last updated on: 2nd Apr 2013

The Diocese of Leicester has been provided with a gift of a Performing Arts Fund for Young People.The aim is to use the gift to fund the development of youth work in the Diocese of Leicester through education in the Performing Arts. Beth Marvin has been appointed the organizer for the year.

We have a fund to distribute around projects in the diocese for any performing arts based projects with young people. We are offering grants up to £1,500 for such projects. We would hope to see performances from the projects and young people exploring faith through the mediums of music, drama and dance. We would hope that you may reach young people who are not from a church background as well as growing faith young Christians.

The fund has been provided by Professor Francis Everitt, whose brother was Alan Everitt was Hatton Professor of English Local History at Leicester University. Alan was a man of strong Christian faith, deeply observant of human beings. He encouraged young people to cultivate their own powers of observation and think for themselves about the deep issues of faith. Professor Francis Everitt, has provided the gift of a performing arts fund in memory of Alan, and it is intended to encourage youth work, especially in education and to reflect the great influence exerted by Alan on his teenage and early university years – an influence he states has been critical to his own continued Christian life.

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For more infomation contact Beth Marvin on or 0116 261 5348

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