Asylum Seekers and Refugees

last updated on: 26th Mar 2014

The Welcome Project and the Women's Welcome Project have for many years provided a safe and welcoming place where practical help and support are available. See below for their leaflet.

The Leicester Faiths Support Group for Asylum Seekers and Refugees was formed in late 2000, and it sought to discover and create practical ways through which to support asylum seekers and refugees who found themselves in Leicester. Leicester’s response, as elsewhere, went beyond the involvement of the official authorities.Numerous individuals and groups in civil society acted to alleviate the bewilderment,loneliness and sheer physical hardship endured by many who arrived in our city. New groups emerged and over time, the different organisations acting in this area saw the advantages of developing more effective relationships with each other.

The new City of Sanctuary initiative encourages compassion and good practice beyond these organisations. Those involved in supporting asylum seekers and refugees are drawn from diverse backgrounds and interests. But whatever the individual motivation for engagement, all recognise that the arrival of these individuals from different countries and cultures requires some response – that indifference will not do. 

The booklet Scriptures and Traditions, available below, aims to bring to people of different faiths the opportunity to reflect upon some of the relevant guidance, admonitions and gentle encouragement which can be found in their own written tradition as well as in those of other faith communities.

These written words are not necessarily addressed to the question of asylum seekers explicitly but they do remind us of our duty to the stranger, the outsider or the very vulnerable. We hope that such reflection will lead to further action to help asylum seekers and that the booklet will be of use not only to members of faith communities but also to others, especially those involved in the education and formation of young people.

Useful websites include:

Caritas Social Action Network - liturgies, resources, theology, case studies.

Enquiries about asylum and refugee work should be made to Alison Adams


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