Continuing Ministerial Development (Lay and Ordained)

last updated on: 5th Sep 2012

Wherever possible Continuing Ministerial Development is organised collaboratively, integrating the education and training of both lay and ordained who minister within the Church. As such wherever possible courses are offered as free to all, and open to all unless specifically stated otherwise.

We encourage all of us who minister in the Church to be more specific in our ministerial development intention, and to work out our own ministry development plan for how we can continue to reflect, learn, and flourish in our place of ministry. We recognise that not all of our learning comes from courses, but that provisions such as these can be a key moment in our ministry development. Our clergy ministerial reviews, or review of our ministry working agreements, feed into this.

The diocesan CMD policy can be found here

Application forms for CMD funding are found here

Creating a Ministerial Development Plan here

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