last updated on: 12th Aug 2015

If you want to learn more about God and your faith, and you like to learn by sharing experience, doing, or seeing and hearing then Discovery is for you.

The next Discovery course will start in September 2015

Discovery has 6 modules over two years:

⇒ You, me and God
⇒ Coming closer to God
⇒ Oh God, why?
⇒ Jesus and the first Christians
⇒ Back to our roots
⇒ Watch this space!

Discovery will stretch and challenge—there are no text books (except for the Bible!) and no essays to write, but a creative learning log is kept.
Discovery is accepted by the Diocese as equally valid compared to other types of training for those who want to go on to Authorised Lay Ministries.

For more information about Discovery please contact Maggie Clarke, Tel: 0116 261 5338 or Email:

Or for an informal chat about your learning options contact Stuart Burns, Head of School for Ministry, Tel: 0116 261 5354 or Email:

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