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last updated on: 30th Jun 2016

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Each one of us is challenged by the Gospel to become more deeply aware of God's love for us in Christ, to rejoice, delight in and respond to that love for us. One of the ways in which we respond to God’s love is in our service of God and one another. We might use the language of being "called" to a "ministry", there being many different forms that such ministry can take. Whatever form such ministry takes, it will bear witness to Christ and Christ’s love for us, it will be "Christ-shaped". So putting mission and ministry together isn’t just a bit of administrative convenience; ministry is about mission (witnessing and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ) and mission is about ministry (proclaiming God’s love in Christ in our service of one another). 

Every one of us is called to mission and ministry in one way or another and in the following web-pages there is information about advisory services and practical resources to support individuals and churches for mission and ministry. If you are looking for details about one of the formal ministries of the church then you will find here information about nurturing, training and supporting those called to particular ministries. 

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Mission & Ministry Department

Revd Dr Stuart Burns
Acting Director of Mission & Ministry

Head of School for Ministry
T: 0116 261 5354

Revd Barry Hill
Diocesan Mission Enabler
T: 0116 261 5335

Claire Stapleton
Department Secretary / Courses & Events Administrator
T: 0116 261 5317

Mike Kelly
Youth Ministry Officer
T: 0116 261 5323

Louise Warner
Children and Families Officer
0116 261 5313

Revd Jonathan Dowman; Matt Pitt and Mads Morgan
Pioneer Development Workers
jonathan.dowman@leccofe.org (0116 261 5307); matt.pitt@leccofe.org (0116 261 5318); mads.morgan@leccofe.org (0116 261 5342)

Beth Marvin
Shaped by God Support Worker and Administration Assistant
0116 261 5348

Luke Fogg
Administrator to the Growth Fund and Pioneer Development Workers
0116 261 5376


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