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last updated on: 5th Apr 2016

In 2014 and 2015 Bishops from all the link Diocese met to commit to developing partnership in the Gospel and you can read the Statements here


Since 1982 the Diocese of Leicester has been building a now well-established relationship with the Dioceses of Mount Kilimanjaro and Kiteto in Tanzania. If you would like to know more, contact Revd Richard Worsfold, Chairman of the Committee at

The following links provide information about the key aspects of our partnership and how it is organised. This will help you to understand the background to our link, its needs and developments and what we are trying to do. In Kiteto, the current focus is on building the capacity of the Kiteto Christian College to train and educate the next generation of Tanzanians. In DMK, Munguishi Bible College is the centre for giving high quality training to new pastors who will be at the forefront of church planting in the diocese. 

Background – maps and history of the link. Key contacts in TZ

Link Committee – How we fit into the diocese, what we do, who’s involved

Munguishi Bible College – Regular newsletters, how it’s run and buying coffee

‘One World, Two Lives’ (OWTL) -  learning pack for churches and schools


Latest News

Please find attached the latest Tanzania Link News for January 2016

'Failing harvest in Kiteto and Church planting and Schools in DMK

These Tanzanian maize plants may look quite big and healthy, but they are a useless harvest as the maize fruit failed to bud. In isolated regions of Tanzania this year climate change seems to have brought a temporary end to the ‘long rains’ at just the wrong time.  For Canon Richard Mhewha and his farming parish in our link Diocese of Kiteto, this spells disaster.
When Leicester-Tanzanian link committee members Richard Worsfold and Michael Broadley visited 3 months ago the fruitless maize harvest in Kiteto was all too visible. The effects of it, however, are only now taking hold as families begin to run out of maize and the inflated price is beyond the reach of many. The Tanzanian Link Committee will be responding to this need by sending some £2,000 from the relief fund established through the 2013 Bishop’s Lent Appeal. It would be wonderful if this sum could be matched by harvest donations from parishes in Leicester. 

Donations can be sent to St. Martins House c/o Jim Pullen, payable to Diocesan Board of Finance, marked ‘Kiteto’.

Support for DMK

Although the physical needs are not as acute in the neighbouring Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro {DMK} as their maize crop has not been so badly hit, there are still opportunities to support different areas of ministry that have been identified by Bishop Stanley. Bishop Stanley is very keen to plant churches in his Diocese in order to bring the gospel to either very remote areas or strategic locations that will be developed in the near future. Bishop Stanley encourages each new plant to build the walls of a church building but then would like to help them by providing funding for the roofs; parishes in Leicester are invited to partner with DMK in
this. In addition to that we can support the training of new pastors to disciple the congregations of the new plants at the Munguishi Bible College which has just appointed their first Tanzanian Principal.

We can also support the education of young people in DMK. St Paul's school, was the focus of a playground project through the visit of the Bishop’s Youth Council in 2013. What was a steep slope has now been stepped using retaining walls Playing football will no longer be a downhill race!

However, the challenge now is to support poorer pupils in the community; help them to access the good quality education that is available there and to provide some basic teaching equipment. Classrooms are dark and ill equipped by our standards but the enthusiasm for learning shines through. A group will visit from the Diocese of Leicester in 2016 to see how projects like these are developing. In the meantime, however, donations to support this work would be gratefully received and can similarly be sent to to St. Martins House c/o Jim Pullen, payable to Diocesan Board of Finance, marked ‘DMK’.


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