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last updated on: 11th May 2015

In 2014 and 2015 Bishops from all the link Diocese met to commit to developing partnership in the Gospel and you can read the Statements here


Since 1982 the Diocese of Leicester has been building a now well-established relationship with the Dioceses of Mount Kilimanjaro and Kiteto in Tanzania. If you would like to know more, contact Revd Richard Worsfold, Chairman of the Committee at

The following links provide information about the key aspects of our partnership and how it is organised. This will help you to understand the background to our link, its needs and developments and what we are trying to do. In Kiteto, the current focus is on building the capacity of the Kiteto Christian College to train and educate the next generation of Tanzanians. In DMK, Munguishi Bible College is the centre for giving high quality training to new pastors who will be at the forefront of church planting in the diocese. 

Background – maps and history of the link. Key contacts in TZ

Link Committee – How we fit into the diocese, what we do, who’s involved

Munguishi Bible College – Regular newsletters, how it’s run and buying coffee

‘One World, Two Lives’ (OWTL) -  learning pack for churches and schools


Latest News

New Build at Kiteto

The Bishops Lent Appeals in 2012 and 2013 focussed on Tanzania and the results can be seen on the ground. 

The foundations have now been laid for a new dormitory block at Kiteto Christian College and the picture shows the concrete base being ‘watered’ to stop it cracking as it dries.

Kiteto Christian College, in Kibaya, has been developing and now needs a new dormitory to house the growing number of students. £700 donated in the appeal last year has paid for architect’s fees and dormitory plans. The project will cost £16,000, initially. Excitingly, this is shared with the Diocese of Wyoming which has contributed half of the sum. The good news is that this partnership is growing and we will be making further plans in the Autumn.

Thanks must go to all of those individuals and parishes who have been contributing to this project and to David Whittington and his marathon run.

The whole project is being overseen, on the ground, by a highly respected architect, which will ensure good build quality, however this does increase the cost. On top of the initial £16,000 more will be needed to cover these costs and to finish the roof. This may add up to another £8000 so if you are starting a new build yourselves you may be able to consider raising a bit more than you need and passing on for Kiteto.

If you wish to respond or know more, please contact Richard Worsfold at:



The video above details Bishop Tim's visit to Tanzania in August 2012 but you can also listen to the Bishops reflections recorded during his visit

Reflections one, two and three

Where has the money gone?

The last Bishop’s Lenten appeal focused on our link with the Dioceses of Mount Kilimanjaro and Kiteto. We’ve also had money raised through other activities. We’d like to let you know where that money has gone.
What follows is for your information but if you want to know more, please contact the chair of the Link Committee, Revd Richard Worsfold   or 07948385097

a. The 2013 appeal raised about £11,000. It had three aims and the money was distributed as follows:
- support for pastors’ children at Kiteto Christian college   £3,818
- support for Munguishi Bible College towards providing
    accommodation and courses for the wives and children
    of trainee pastors on the College campus.     £3,818
- emergency fund for Bishops Stanley and Isaiah to call
    upon in the event of drought or failed harvests    £1,909

b. Further money has also been donated by three parishes to support the running of the newer Diocese
of Kiteto. The monthly amounts gradually reduced in 2013 as the agreed period of support came to an end in December 2013.  A total of £4,100 was given during this final year of support.

c. In addition to the above lent appeal support, Munguishi Bible College has also received two donations
from Emmanuel Church in Loughborough and ‘Christ the King’, Beaumont Leys, totalling £2,686.

d. We are supporting 4 evangelists from DMK at £2400 a year. One of these, Martin Kadama, was a
guide and friend to the BYC during their visit this summer. He has just been ordained priest and
we wish him every blessing. His picture appears on the latest mailing to parishes.
We plan to help for a third year but further funds are needed.

e. Specific donations have also been sent in 2013 which will be used towards the new dormitory project
at Kiteto Christian College.  These comprise a donation of £625 from the Kirby Muxloe/LFE Team Ministry and £1,491 so far raised from David’s Whittington’s extraordinary marathon running efforts.   Added to this is a further £3,000 allocated to the project from previously unspent monies the International Group budget for Leicester  Diocese.    £700 of this money has already been spent to draw up dormitory plans.  The dormitory fund currently stands at £5,900.

f.  The DMK transport fund has now been closed following a donation of £7143 towards
Bishop Stanley’s new vehicle, most of which came from the 2012 Lent Appeal.

g. The Bishop’s Youth Council raised money for its trip to Tanzania this summer and has about £5000
left, which will be donated to a project , probably development of St Paul’s School in Arusha.

In addition to all this, the Link Committee has a budget, much of which will be used to fund trips to Tanzania in 2014.
These trips will include those by Curates to Tanzania and the Bishops of Kiteto and DMK to Trichy, with Bishop Tim.

Reports and Resources:

Delivery of Maize 2011
Bishops Visit Autumn 2011
Report of Consecration of Bishop Isaiah Chambala
Gift Aid



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