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Encouraging Children and Family Ministry in the Diocese of Leicester

Children and Family Ministry

Welcome to the children and family ministry pages: they are a work in progress, the idea is that they will continue to be so do keep checking back, but will hopefully be a useful source of information and ideas.

I'm Louise, the Children and Family Officer, and have been in post since September 2012. A few things that you might like to know about me are: I like books and have rather a lot of them and includes a number of Bibles, enough for people to comment, I like chocolate and generally most things to do with food; including Ice Cream Ministry! If you have any questions, ideas for what to include on the website (they might not all make it), I can help in anyway, or want to get in touch then feel free! Perhaps you have something going on that we can celebrate, it would be great to be able to share pictures and inspire each other. Hover over children and familiy on the red bar to see what other pages there are.

Exciting News

SeedBank Grants: 4 churches applied for project funding, all of them received an award. The projects varied but included musical instruments, a Bible box, replacing some Bibles, subsidising the cost of a Christian weekend away to help friends come along and mission give aways. In total the grants came to £1450. The children and young people came up with some great ideas on what they could do, keep an eye out for more information about the projects and an eye out for future application deadlines.   

Tier 1 of the Growth Fund is well worth being aware of if you aren't already. The offer grants of between £250-£5000 to support and encourage mission, you can find out more by clicking the link If you would like to talk to me about the possibility of making an application then please get in touch and I will be happy to help in any way that I can.

Free Top Tips videos by Scripture Union

Scripture Union have a fantastic range of Top Tips books designed to support ministry with children and young people, the books are short and easily read over a coffee, or whatever other drink you prefer. They have now prepared a number of video clips which are available online for free, so why not take a look? Click on the link to explore:Top Tips Videos

Cecil the Sheep, and his friends are well worth exploring; you can find out more about them by clicking this link.


Dates For Your Diary

Please note that the Childrens Work Resource Drop In on the 17th June has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If you would like to meet and look at resources then please contact me and we can arrange something.

Car Parking We now have an arrangement with the NCP St Nicholas Car Park which means that if you are attending something at St Martins House you can park for £3.50. You take a ticket as normal and then buy a pre-paid validated ticket from us, when you leave the car park you insert the original ticket followed by the ticket you purchased from us. Please be aware that the Southgates Car Park is no longer in operation. 


Bishop John Pritchard wrote a prayer for National Parents' Week, which has much to offer at anytime and is well worth making use of for both personal and wider use. It is:

Gracious God,

Thank you for the privilege and pleasure of children,

Thank you for what they represent for both the present and the future

and what they give us as they explore life and make their discoveries.

Help us to slow down, to pause and make a moment,

Help us to share their world and enjoy their wonder.

Help us to walk at their speed, and find that it's your speed,

And so lead us together into life and joy,

In the company of your son,

Jesus Christ, our Lord,


Perhaps you'll find the time to slow down and see the world through the eyes of children, it may not always be a comfortable thing to do as not everything is always positive but perhaps it will be a time of refreshment and the time you need to look at things differently.

If I can be of any help with work with children and families then please get in touch. 

Louise Warner
Children and Families Officer, Leicester Diocese
St Martin's House
7 Peacock Lane
0116 2615313

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