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What To Do in the Case of an Emergency

The Property Department is available during working hours (8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday) to give advice on the maintenance and upkeep of property. 

If you have an emergency, and you are sure it is not a matter that can be dealt with by the Property Department when it re-opens, then authority is given to take reasonable action to reduce further damage.

The following contractors can be contacted outside normal office hours:

HEATING & PLUMBING – East Goscote Plumbers  0116 260 7766
Plumber 07766 602180 Heating Engineer 07766 602181
GENERAL BUILDING – Jim Collins 07581 177739
ELECTRICAL – A R Smiths - 0116 262 1874

DRAINS – Harborough Drainage 0185 846 8084
TREES – Longfield Tree & Hedge Care (Tom Bale) 07710 451375

Diocesan Surveyors - Don West 07734 980368 and David Yates 07876 555586

Please contact a member of the Property Department on 0116 261 5316 at the earliest opportunity to alert them to the problem.

The following advice or information may be useful in an emergency:


In the case of a fire:

  • Get everyone out of the building
  • Stay out
  • Dial the Fire Service immediately on 999 – it’s free from any phone
  • If possible, close all doors and windows behind you (to delay fire spreading)
  • If you need to open a closed door, check to see whether it feels hot first – if it does, there may be fire behind it so don’t open it


Plan what you would do if there were a fire in your home and always keep the escape routes clear 

Make sure everyone in your home is familiar with the escape plan

If the main exit from your home locks with a key make sure the key is always easily accessible and everyone in your household knows where it's kept.

You can find more detailed advice on the Fire Service website: http://fireservice.co.uk/.


If you smell gas strongly:

  • Turn off the gas lever at the mains, which is next to the gas meter, by pulling the lever down
  • Do not operate electrical switches – on or off.  A spark could cause an explosion
  • Put out any naked flames and cigarettes
  • Open windows and doors
  • Ring the local gas emergency telephone number: 0800 111 999 immediately

If there is a weaker smell of gas: 

Phone your local gas emergency number immediately: 0800 111 999. 

Treat it as a serious gas leak and follow above procedures.

You can find more detailed gas advice on the following website:

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