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last updated on: 8th Sep 2011

The Property Department is responsible for the day-to-day management of parsonage houses. It works closely with the Diocesan Surveyor and the Archdeacons as well as contractors and of course, occupants of parsonage houses.

There are in excess of 150 properties within Leicestershire and every one is inspected at five yearly intervals as part of the quinquennial programme. 

The Property Department is accountable to the Parsonages Committee, which meets 6 times a year. 
Any problems, questions or comments should be directed to a member of the property team.

The Aim of the Property Department is to provide clergy and their families with accommodation, and to assist them with the management of their homes. As far as possible, the property team strives to relieve clergy of domestic concerns in order that they may focus upon their pastoral responsibilities.

This aim is fulfilled by:

  • Providing suitable homes either through improvement, purchase or construction.
  • Carrying out an ongoing programme of repair and maintenance.
  • Working in partnership with clergy and Parishes to ensure that all parties take responsibility for caring for the property.
  • Undertaking the above within the confines of the property budget.

Nicky Caunt


Property Contacts

Senior Property Manager:
Mrs Nicky Caunt
T: 0116 261 5314

Property Officer:
Miss Lesley Whitwell
T: 0116 261 5315

Clergy Housing Officer:
Mrs Dinta Chauhan
T: 0116 261 5316

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