last updated on: 18th Feb 2014

In 2010 the Diocese rebranded in order to develop greater visual cohesion between different parts of the work of the Diocese.

The new image was inspired by the statue of The Welcoming Christ at Launde Abbey. The figure speaks of openness, strength, generosity, life and humanity. This is combined with the symbol for the Church of England, which reminds us of resurrection, community, tradition, belonging and inclusivity.

The designs are used by the Diocese, the Cathedral, the Bishop, Launde Abbey and St Martins House.

Logos for use on websites, magazines and stationery and professional printers are available below so please choose which logo you require for your purposes. If you are not sure please contact us.

Guidelines for use have been written to ensure the logo is used correctly and the brand image is preserved. These too are available below so please read these carefully when using the new identity.

If you have any questions about anything relating to the new brand or what you require is not attached below please contact either of the Communications team: or


Brand Guidelines

Logo Formats to download:

Diocesan logo (RGB) for websites

Diocesan logo (RGB) for Word, Publisher, Powerpoint etc

Diocesan logo (transparent background) NB. Only to be used with very pale coloured backgrounds

Diocesan logo (grayscale) for Word, Publisher, Powerpoint

For EPS logos for use by professional printers, for reversed colourways, stacked logos or for any help an advice please contact Keith at the email above.

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